Lioness Walk Cycle Test (Keys Only)

I attempted a lioness walk cycle using the “Muybridge Animals in Motion” book for practice since a character I’m planning is part lion.

One thing I know I need to work on is when the head, shoulders and bum move up and down when the animal is walking (something my previous animations have lacked.)

Anyway here’s the video 🙂


Don Bluth Tutorial DVDs – Learn to Draw – Monkey See Monkey Do

I finally got round to looking at my Don Bluth Tutorial DVDs. The First of which was called “Learn to Draw: Monkey See Monkey Do” He encourages you to draw along with him while he teaches you some tips and tricks from his experience as an animator.

The following images are me drawing along with Don Bluth with some notes from the tutorials, I do not own the characters.

Week 4

It was a nice coincidence when we were being shown how to animate a dive action using a technique called ‘smearing.’ I had just recently watched a Chuck Jones documentary called “Extremes and Inbetweens” in which they talked about this, I found it quite interesting and wanted to learn the technique. I enjoyed using it in this weeks assignment.

Another technique mentioned in this documentary which I would like to try in the future is called ‘zip ins and zip outs’ in which a character quickly exits the screen and quickly enters again ending with a vibrating motion, this is used quite frequently in Looney Tunes shorts.

I also recently read the book ‘Don Bluth’s The Art of Animation Drawing’ in which I came across a few quotes that will prove useful to me if I follow them when animating;

“Analyse the action from nature then caricature it.”

“A character’s silhouette should convey the attitude.”

“Exaggerated emotions will yield exaggerated impact.”

I need to start watching those animations “La Linea” that Birgitta showed us in Flash class today, Iv totally fell in love with that wee guy haha! 🙂

It was nice to see the others presentations and to learn about other animators Id never heard of before, not looking forward to I have to do mine though :S

I also discovered in the life drawing class that I love drawing feet! I’ll have to animate them soon! Haha 😀

Week 3

The next lesson was in follow through, the first assignment was to animate a bouncing ball with a piece of string attached.

We were then asked to design a round character and have it bounce with some sort of follow through. I decided to do a frog bounce with his tongue hanging out as the follow through. I tried this twice as the first attempt with the anvil did not have the creature bouncing on the spot. I used this chance to work on the character further, studying videos of real frogs legs as they hop to make the jump more realistic, and designing him cuter.

I seemed to have re picked up how to animate in Maya faster than I was expecting when we were animating 3D bouncing balls.

We also started a rough line test of a push action in Flash.

Week 2

This week’s where the real learning began.

We had a look at a few different balls bounce to plan timing for animation and were to choose and animate one hard ball and a soft ball.

I chose the bowling ball and the water balloon to try one extreme density to the other.

I was reintroduced to Maya this week, after being scared off it after my last course. However think this was mostly because of character modelling and rigging and not the actual animation which I did enjoy. Although I want to focus on traditional hand drawn animation for this course I want to give Maya another bash as I know the possibilities with both techniques are endless.

The Laban Effort and Physical Threatre classes were a lot of fun as well as beneficial. Especially when we were to mimic each others walks, runs and tactics playing tig. It let me experience getting into another’s skin as I would need to do when animating a character.

Week 1

I had a lot of fun in the first week of the MA Character Animation Course making a couple of group films. These exercises were designed to let us get to know each other and I learned alot about my classmates personalities and how each of them work.

The first group exercise was a shadow puppet film. I worked with Chanon, David, Temi, Priyasha and Ryan.

In the second group exercise I worked with Monalisa, Kyle and Joanna to make a stop motion film.

We also had the chance to animate anything we wanted, this was the outcome.

I could already tell from the first week that this was going to be a really great course with really great people. 🙂