Creature Design

The creature I am designing for the four legged walk/run cycle is a griffin, but to make it interesting instead of the typical half lion half eagle griffin, my character is half lion half pigeon. Passing pigeons every day they have always fascinated me, the way the act and move is just so quirky and I think to incorporate this with a lion walk cycle would be challenging but the result would be great if I can pull it off.

As I have not had the chance to go to the zoo yet to see the animals in the flesh the following gesture drawings were observed from the internet, I am trying to practice the way Walt Stanchfield Β teaches in the books ‘Drawn to Life’ Trying to use minimal lines to get down the gesture quickly rather than focusing on anatomy or features. Its a whole different story when drawing from life as the animals move around so hopefully with this practice I will be ready for the trips to the zoo.

Working from the gesture drawings and anatomy studies of the animals I have came up with a concept for the character.


Work Experience at Picasso Pictures

During my couple of weeks work experience at Picasso Pictures I had the chance to work on their annual animated christmas card. I animated the snow and the fox’s tail. I enjoyed the challenge of having to keep to the directors drawing style.

Week 10

I had my personal tutorial today and Steve gave me some advice on how to make my animation better:

*Act things out before animating.

*Try moving things though arcs in 3 dimensions

*Don’t use placing and tracing slavishly.

Working with the new design of Jetpack Tiffany’s face iv done some expressions for the model sheet.


I’v decided to move from the Maya classes to the Flash classes. I was thinking about my future (and watching Dexter’s Lab) I don’t really see myself working in 3D so it makes sense to focus on the 2D software. I still want to learn Maya but in my own time I think. In the end we are still learning the principles in the hand drawn classes and that’s what really matters, not the software, so I’m going to stop torturing myself with the decision between the two.

The physical acting classes was so much fun yet again. I loved getting into the character of John Wayne (chosen at random on the spot haha) and then morphing that character into an animal with the traits. I found that with walking like John Wayne the centre point was in the chest and my shoulders would twist quite extremely to the opposite knee with each stride. Walking like this I felt like a stag, with a proud chest and strong shoulders, thus I found the beast within and unleashed it for the animal workshop XD

Over the christmas holidays I will work on:

*The basic motion assignment, my frog needs squash and stretch as it bounces.

*The effort and weight assignment, work on the start action where the lizard flexes his muscles, just now its too quick to be noticed.

*The character design assignment, continue working on the model sheets and start the mood change walk.

I’v also got a 2 week work experience starting next monday with Picasso Pictures, I cant wait πŸ˜€

Busy busy busy πŸ™‚

I can’t believe that’s first semester over :s Time flies when your having fun πŸ˜€

Week 9

Im happy with the movements of my Jetpack Tiffany walkcycle, I think iv captured the character I had in my head. I made the knees bend a bit more extremely than a normal walk to show the weight of the jetpack and had her belt twist up and down with the hips as the tools would pull with each stride but gave the top half of her body an optimistic attitude.

My presentation on the other hand I know I could have done better, public speaking is just something I’v never been any good at, hopefully I’l get more comfortable with it with more practice. Well I hope I did some good and got some more people into Mr. Tofield’s work πŸ˜€ Simons Cat is one of my favourite animated characters of all time haha. Here’s the link to my slides anyway for those who want to see the Simons Cat video again πŸ™‚

I met my mentor, Moira Fox, at the end of the week. She gave great constructive advice on my character designs of the young adult Jetpack Tiffany which I really wanted to work on. Her design at the moment to me still looks too bland, I know there’s something missing, something I need to exaggerate or change. Looking at the key drawings of my walk cycle Moira noticed one which looked more stylised, she had pointy knees and her boots were bulky and curved at the toes, she said it reminded her of someone from the Dandy and Beano comics. I am going to work on her design some more and try to get her, the baby and senior version of her all looking consistent.

Jetpack Tiffany playing with a toy aeroplane, she has dreamed of flying ever since she was a wee bairn XD

With her days of jetpacking through the universe behind her we can see how her exciting life has effected her body. She is now hunched over from the weight of the Jetpack on her back, her cheeks have become jowls and eyes so bagged they are constantly closed over from the force of the wind in her face for all those years.

So there we are so far with the character designs, let’s see how it goes πŸ™‚