Week 9

Im happy with the movements of my Jetpack Tiffany walkcycle, I think iv captured the character I had in my head. I made the knees bend a bit more extremely than a normal walk to show the weight of the jetpack and had her belt twist up and down with the hips as the tools would pull with each stride but gave the top half of her body an optimistic attitude.

My presentation on the other hand I know I could have done better, public speaking is just something I’v never been any good at, hopefully I’l get more comfortable with it with more practice. Well I hope I did some good and got some more people into Mr. Tofield’s work 😀 Simons Cat is one of my favourite animated characters of all time haha. Here’s the link to my slides anyway for those who want to see the Simons Cat video again 🙂


I met my mentor, Moira Fox, at the end of the week. She gave great constructive advice on my character designs of the young adult Jetpack Tiffany which I really wanted to work on. Her design at the moment to me still looks too bland, I know there’s something missing, something I need to exaggerate or change. Looking at the key drawings of my walk cycle Moira noticed one which looked more stylised, she had pointy knees and her boots were bulky and curved at the toes, she said it reminded her of someone from the Dandy and Beano comics. I am going to work on her design some more and try to get her, the baby and senior version of her all looking consistent.

Jetpack Tiffany playing with a toy aeroplane, she has dreamed of flying ever since she was a wee bairn XD

With her days of jetpacking through the universe behind her we can see how her exciting life has effected her body. She is now hunched over from the weight of the Jetpack on her back, her cheeks have become jowls and eyes so bagged they are constantly closed over from the force of the wind in her face for all those years.

So there we are so far with the character designs, let’s see how it goes 🙂


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