Creature Design

The creature I am designing for the four legged walk/run cycle is a griffin, but to make it interesting instead of the typical half lion half eagle griffin, my character is half lion half pigeon. Passing pigeons every day they have always fascinated me, the way the act and move is just so quirky and I think to incorporate this with a lion walk cycle would be challenging but the result would be great if I can pull it off.

As I have not had the chance to go to the zoo yet to see the animals in the flesh the following gesture drawings were observed from the internet, I am trying to practice the way Walt Stanchfield  teaches in the books ‘Drawn to Life’ Trying to use minimal lines to get down the gesture quickly rather than focusing on anatomy or features. Its a whole different story when drawing from life as the animals move around so hopefully with this practice I will be ready for the trips to the zoo.

Working from the gesture drawings and anatomy studies of the animals I have came up with a concept for the character.


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