Coloured Creature and Reference Videos

I finnished colouring my pigeon griffin run cycle in flash today. I really like the way the flash makes it look, alot cleaner than photoshop and you can still be messy with the lines 🙂 Although pigeons feet are usually pink he really didn’t suit that colour for his bird feet, it looked awful, so I chose to go with the dark grey as it looks nice with the smaller parts of dark grey on his body.

I’v been observing the animals that make my creature and aswell as sketching them, have been filming them. I noticed with the pigeons something I had never seen them do before, they were all lying tilted to one side with on wing stretched out over their bodies. After initially thinking they were all hurt I then realised that they were actually sunbathing (I double checked on google lol you learn something new every day.) This is a really lovely gesture and I can imagine my griffin doing that on a hot sunny day. The lions rolling about is cute, I wonder if a griffin could do that with wings on its back though, I’ll need to look into that.


Week 13

Well it took me a lot of tries starting form scratch but I finally got the movement of a lion run cycle that I was happy with. I found the curving of the back the hardest thing to get in the animation. The only thing mentioned at the crit was that there is a big jump between the last and first drawings so I should have another one inbetween.

Using lion run cycle I worked out my pigeon griffin run. From what iv seen of pigeons running about the street i’m sure they keep their head low and forward, so I didn’t do any crazy head bobbing. Their feet move so fast that I’m not really sure how they move when running so I used my imagination for that. I had the claws close when the feet were lifted off the ground and open again on impact. At the crit I was told to watch the front feet flicking out suddenly (try drawing the thumbs on the side rather than at the back of the foot) the arm going over the wing in a few frames and the tail should have a bigger wave at the end.

In the 2D classes I started inking and colouring the run cycle in Flash and love how clean it looks with the vectors. I’m hoping to have the  run cycle completely coloured for my green screen session next Wednesday. We were also learning how to animate in photoshop, which I had no idea you could do. I made this quick animation of fuzzles exploding to practice using the controls.

This is the animatic my group storyboarded and put together last week. By Tom, Andy, Joey and me. I really enjoyed this class, it let us work together as a group again and gave us a taste of what it’s like in studios where a team of story artists work together and bounce ideas off each other to build the story.

We were practising sensoric and motoric movement in the physical theatre class today. It was cool to act on impulse without really thinking going from pose to pose and seeing all the different poses that the class was coming up with. Against the white glass with the lights out they created strong silhouettes and I regret not getting some sketches done from them. I’ll remember next week lol.

Week 12

Im quite happy with how my horse walk cycle has turned out, despite the few things that needs improving on it iv improved alot since the last time I tried to animate a horse back in the first year of my degree haha.

Feedback from the crit:

  • Pick up the feet more.
  • Watch the legs swapping over and their size consistency.
  • The head is moving back and forth too much for a normal walk cycle (the character looked like it had an attitude)
Iv also been working on my bouncing frog animation for the basic motion assessment. I tried to give it more squash and stretch on the impact.
And heres another girffin drawing I did where he’s looking rather nervous.
I met up with my mentor this week and she gave the following feedback:
  • The bouncing frog could have even more squash on the impact and the tongue should be affected more on the impact as well.
  • The mood change walk should have a much bigger reaction, just now it is hardly noticeable.
  • The lion walk cycle works fine apart from the back legs, they should lift up more.

Week 11

The weekend before starting back I tackled the mood change walk cycle, these are my rough keys for it. Jetpack Tiffany is wandering happily along until she notices a massive robotic spider running towards her and bolts off terrified. Ill be animating the spider soon.

I also had a trip to the zoo with my new membership pass to have a go at drawing the animals for my griffin character from life. I found this a challenge to start with as I usually do with quick gesture drawing of things in motion, Ill definitely make a habit out of this activity to get a lot of practice.

We started off the week looking at four legged anatomy and walk cycles, being a hardcore animal lover I found this lecture really interesting. I cant wait to start my horse walk cycle for the crit next monday.

On Tuesday we were introduced to After Effects and also started cleaning up/colouring some previous animations. I am currently painting my cuddly monsters animation in photoshop freehand with the brush tool. Im aiming to get this done with a background for monday and I can show it at the crit. Since Im not handing the cuddly monsters in for assessment hopefully the finnished thing will look good in my showreel at the end of the course.

Visiting the Museum of Natural History was a great experience. The stuff they had in there and the building itself was breathtaking. Ill definitely need to go back in my free time.  Our exercise for today was to find a skeleton of an animal that we liked and

  1. Draw it for reference including the space around it.
  2. Articulate it in motion.
  3. Move it around the museum environment.
  4. Draw it interacting with something in the museum.
I chose to draw the saber tooth tiger because it was part of the big cat family which is part of my hybrid creature so it would be useful to study its skeleton and anatomy.
Marie Claire also wanted use our observational and imagination skills and observe the relationships between the people in the museum. While a few of us were drawing this skeleton one of the museums members of staff appeared with a box of skulls and gave us a saber tooth tiger one to draw and went at sat on the bench and watched us for a while, however when another member of staff saw us with the skull he took it back to the lady and told her off for leaving it with us. It was a shame she was a lovely old lady haha. When he left she picked up one of the skulls and went into her own little world. I finally understood why she was there when a school of small children arrived for a talk. She got right into talking about the skulls and you can tell she completely loves what she does. When the school left she stayed behind and stopped people passing by saying “Hello! Come and look at my skulls.” and she would talk about them with the confused visitors. I did some quick sketches of these experiences.
This gave me an idea for a story so I combined the last three exercises into a comic strip.
Phew that was a long one, you can tell I’m glad to be back at uni. 🙂