Summon the Griffin Green Screen

My go at the green screen exercise. The background is a photo I took in Belfast a couple of years ago near the Giants Causeway. I kinda wish I had some sort of appropriate costume on for it but ach well. Originally I was going to be sending an army of griffins into war but I couldn’t bring myself to do that to them XD


Week 17

For the personal lip sync I choose a Flasheart quote from Blackadder. As I am doing a human for the set piece of lip sync I wanted to challenge myself and try a character with a muzzle for this one. Thus Gunther the coyote was born 😀

I tried to give my character a different performance to that of Rik Mayall’s in the show, but still keeping the aggressive attitude to suit the dialogue.

I also finished my creature walk cycle this week, trying to combine the way a pigeon’s head bobs back and forth and a lion walk, with the front claws closing over when picked up from the ground. Below is the pencil test and the final coloured flash version.

Only a week left to go until the assessment and still quite a lot to do :S  Better get cracking on! 😀

Week 16

I had a lot of fun with the facial expression assignment. In this Jetpack Tiffany gets a fright at the face that the character to the left of the screen is pulling however when she sees that the character to the left of the screen is not a threat to her she confidently pulls her trusty auto feed screwdriver out at her.

Using the feedback from my crit last week on the body acting I made my character react after smashing the bottle. I didnt want an over the top reaction as drunk people tend to be quite oblivious to their clumsy actions, I thought having him simply watch the bottle smashing then passing out would be funnier.

And this it it frog!!! The last time I am touching this animation before the hand in, I think Iv already wasted so much time over it. I don’t know why I had so much trouble with this, when I got the squash on impact right the tongue was all over the place, then when I fixed the tongue follow through I couldn’t get the squash to match again. I think Iv finally got a good balance of the two. Basically the story of this wee guy is that he is a baby frog that has just caught his first fly, he is so excited that he jumps up and down and the poor fly stuck on his tongue is dragged about.

And these are some sketches from Waterloo.

Week 15

When I started to animate the body acting assignment I was using a realistically drawn character, but I hated him! He wasn’t doing what I wanted him to do and I wasn’t connecting with the character, so I really didn’t like the outcome of the line test. I decided to scrap this attempt and start from scratch with a different design. The new design is much simpler and more stylised and I think he is much more compelling. Below are the two designs.


This is the animation for Private View so far with my drunk character.

Feedback for this at the crit was:

  • Have him react to the wine smashing.
  • Make sure his eyes are looking at the wine.
  • Maybe give him hands.
At today’s physical acting class I took the chance to do some gesture drawings of my class mates.
I really need a lot of practice in this area. If anyone has any tips on how to draw movement from life please share with me, Id be very grateful 🙂 I think its back to the Drawn to Life books again for me! haha.

Character Model Sheets

I’v finished off the model sheets for the Character Design assignment to be assessed. I tried to improve on my drawings for the final thing based on the feedback that Steve and Moira gave me for the character. I tried my best to feminise her anatomy while also trying to keep a bit of extra weight on her as oppose to the typical hour glass shapes of the way studios like Disney portrays their heroines.

I really feel like I’v gotten to  know the character now.