London Transport Museum Group Project (Weeks 19-20)

The simulated work placement brief we were given involved working in small groups to produce a moving poster for the London Transport Museum.
I was teamed up with Maxim, Kyle and Alex and the poster we were assigned to was Freda Lingstrom’s ‘Cheap Fares’ (1929).

After having the opportunity to visit the archives in the university museum we were inspired by another artist’s work. We thought that Horace Taylor’s style of flat limited colours would compliment the look of Lingstrom’s poster by emphasising prominent colours.

Using flash we redrew the scene and characters as vector images simplifying the piece before eliminating original textures and adding a paper texture which created a paper cut out look to the final composition.

When it came to animating we looked for inspiration from life, as is always useful. Our intentions were to recreate the impression of a light breeze throughout the animation. We observed how flowers would move in the wind, finding that they adopt a circular motion. This took some experimenting, early attempts of attaching the flower symbols to motion guides made them move too much and too continuously. They looked as if they were on a pendulum in a bowl of jelly. After trying to set keys with slight rotation on the spot we decided that this looked a lot less distracting.

Observing butterflies in flight we found that they alternate in speed and rhythm, so we animated the symbols and set them along random paths of varying height.

The original pose of the girl seemed quite balletic to us, so we took the time to study some ballet choreography. I took this chance to look back at one of my favourite performances. This is a scene from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’ I thought about when looking at the girls pose.

Working out the timing of when the actions were going to play out was an ongoing process throughout production.

As for the sound we thought that a natural bird song would work nicely to enhance the theme of innocence and tranquillity of the animation.

We aimed to maintain the intended target audience of our client, these being a range of people from all different background, cultures and ages. Therefore our animation had to have appeal to everyone. For this reason we made the animation both fun and colourful, both concepts that can be enjoyed by a large audience.

I believe that the group worked really well together. We met up every day to work on the project together as a team as oppose to setting each member tasks to go off and tackle alone. This approach made it easier to solve both technical and conceptual issues that arose as each member had knowledge to offer and ideas to share.

It was working together as a team that made this assignment so enjoyable for me. Here are some photos taken during production to share our experiences.

Inspired by ‘Cheap Fares for Schools and Pleasure Parties’ Freda Lingstrom, (1929)

Alex – Animated Main Character

Kyle – Composited animation together, animated flowers

Max – Creative Direction, Animated butterflies, Sound Design

Steph – Creative Direction, Designed Character Cutout, Color Correction


Week 18

One of our lip sync pieces was recorded dialogue of drama student’s being interviewed given to us by Steve. It was a good challenge having to work on something not chosen by myself, this is how it turned out.

Before the hand in I worked a little more on the mood change walk, making the reaction more readable. I also added the mood changer, in this case a massive spider robot causing Jetpack Tiffany to jump out of her skin and bolt off.

In my next post I will be talking through the process of our group project. 😀