Shakespeare Micro-Short Project Part 9

Finally I have a background Im quite happy with. Inspired by the work of Irish artist Ross Stewart, the Art Director behind “The Secret of Kells.”

I used mixed media to create it, including the original pencil sketch, Photoshop, Flash and parts of a watercolor I painted in my research travels shown below.

This is the end result for now, I may work into it more but with only a week to get the animation done for the composer I really need to concentrate on that.



Shakespeare Micro-Short Project Part 8

I was a bit behind schedule for the rough cut crit, only having just about half of the animation done, but its good to see it coming together.

After the crit I took a short break from animating to experiment with colouring to try and figure out how I want the final look of the film to be like. First I coloured a couple of character scenes in Flash.

I like how these turned out but Im gonna try going over the pencil lines with a wash of colour in Photoshop like Steve suggested aswell.

The background has been giving me more hassle. After few attempts in both Flash and Photoshop I cant seem to get the look that I was hoping for. However with time running out I really need to get back to animating. In the meantime I’ll continue to look over the inspiration for my scenery. These are some example of the stunning work that I admire which have continued to inspire me in this project.

Secret of Kells.

Kung Fu Panda Secrets of the Furious Five.


Shakespeare Micro-Short Project Part 7

The acting tutorial with Ioli today has really helped me to understand the way my characters should move better. Going through each scene of the animatic and getting into the characters way of thinking we made a few observations and I learned about my characters personalities and how they would act.

For instance, I knew just by looking at my first linetest of Ariel that something was wrong. It is the part where Ariel snarls at Caliban from behind the tree. I think the expressions work fine but the body is fixed in one place and looks odd. When acting it out I discovered that the body should tilt forward with the head and the shoulders tend to hunch up because of the aggression in the expression. I also need to remember to include some overshooting and not just anticipation, I always seem to forget about that.

I had an idea for the part where Caliban stands up that could be an interesting way to try, since his left arm is so largely disproportioned to his body be could easily support all his weight on it and spin his body round to the standing position.

Also with the help of the acting tutorial I realised how I could overcome an issue I had with Caliban sleeping, If I had him lying completely still he would look lifeless, there should be noticeably large movements in his chest, rising and sinking with his breathing.

I look forward to continuing animating with all these new discoveries 🙂