Parties Part 4

This week we started with keying out the animation. The style of the characters for animation has been simplified to basic shapes so I practiced drawing the cat a few times in his simpler form. Below is a couple of drawings of him based on a sketch of a less caricatured more anatomically correct cat.

I started working on the piano scene first.

When it came to combining the animation of two characters in one scene animated by two different people we came across a few problems to do with positioning and eye contact etc. But that’s all part of the learning process of this group work. Its an obstacle we will overcome by working together!  🙂


Parties Part 2

Max asked me if I would animate the cat character in his film which I happily agreed to. Over the weekend I decided to take a trip back home to take some reference footage of my cat Casper and my friends two cats Poppy and Lilly. So I now have a good resource to go to with walks, runs, jumps, playing, attitudes, people holding them and attempting to have the cats walk along a keyboard, which they wern’t too keen on.

I love Caspers smug face at the start, I’m determined to use that somewhere in the animation.

This is a drawing I did of the cat relaxing on top of the piano with a cigar.

Parties Part 1

The first week working on “Parties” has involved reworking the storyboards, making the story tighter and clearer and developing the characters and their relationships with each other .

This is a section I worked on to try and give the cat more purpose. He jumps onto the piano and runs along the keys, the sound makes the main lady assume that the piano is being played especially for her to sing, which leads to the barmaid having enough and having more reason behind throwing them out of the bar. I also tried to give the cat and the pianist an interesting relationship in this section.

I am really enjoying the challenge of trying to draw consistently in Max’s style that is quite different to my own and growing fond of the cat. XD

We are getting there with the storyboard, tomorrow we will be working on the final touches or changes depending on how the meeting with the staff from the LTM goes tonight.

The next London Transport Museum Group Project

For this project we had to pitch our ideas based from the London Transport Museum posters collection to an audience of lecturers, clients and students.

My idea was inspired by “Or Take the Tube” by Nick Hardcastle in 1987.

SuperSnail was born! Taxi by day superhero by night, SuperSnail protects his friends in a ‘bug made’ London from predators. One new years eve he loses his powers during a fight and must defeat his enemy without them.

These are some research notes I made when creating the idea and character.

Below are concepts of SuperSnail and the bad guys.

As the setting is intended to be a representation of London as though it was built by bugs I drew up some ideas for the landmarks.

I wanted to go for a comic book style with the final look.

And this is the animatic.

Even though SuperSnail wasn’t picked to be made I had a lot of fun creating the character and story. I might even make it on my own time sometime in the future.

I’m really excited to be working on Max’s film with David and Lynn. I’m sure we will all have a lot of fun on this project! Bring on year two! 🙂