Parties Part 1

The first week working on “Parties” has involved reworking the storyboards, making the story tighter and clearer and developing the characters and their relationships with each other .

This is a section I worked on to try and give the cat more purpose. He jumps onto the piano and runs along the keys, the sound makes the main lady assume that the piano is being played especially for her to sing, which leads to the barmaid having enough and having more reason behind throwing them out of the bar. I also tried to give the cat and the pianist an interesting relationship in this section.

I am really enjoying the challenge of trying to draw consistently in Max’s style that is quite different to my own and growing fond of the cat. XD

We are getting there with the storyboard, tomorrow we will be working on the final touches or changes depending on how the meeting with the staff from the LTM goes tonight.


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