Parties Part 8

Well that’s Parties finished! Here’s a screenshot showing all of our characters together. (I’m still giggling at that couple just sitting there staring at each other) It was so great working with Max, Dave and Lynn and I hope we can all work together again sometime. 🙂



Parties Part 6

We’ve all pretty much finished the animation of our characters. I loved working on the cat, there’s definitely characteristics from my cat Casper and my friends cats Poppy and Lilly in his personality.

Like Casper, he will be happy in his own wee world sitting with a smug attitude but when things do not go his way he will get a little grumpy, like in the scene where the woman starts singing.

And like Poppy and Lilly he loves to defy the other characters and be seen causing mischief like in the scene where hes teasing Piano Man.

So thankyou kitties you’ve inspired me a lot in this project!

I have also been working on some neon stuff for the backgrounds when they go outside.

And this is a random blooper when plants started growing out of the woman…I must have pressed something weird or Flash was just up to its crazy tricks again XD