Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 4

I have a composer on board for the project! Getting really excited! We are both on the same page on what music would work with Fruut. Sam Dudley is really talented check out his work here:


Work Experience with National Film and Television School part 5

Ouch! I was just reading over my post the other day about the NFTS and it came across really negative and dismissing of good feedback. I am really grateful for the his feedback and that he is taking an interest in what I’m doing at uni. Must have been tired, it was the middle of the night right after work I wrote it.

Anyway work has been slowing down quite a bit over the past few days, the animation is pretty much finished apart from some effects animation so I have been spending the days scanning the frames. Its a really mundane job but it’s the price we have to pay for choosing to do traditional pencil and paper animation. I really love the look of this technique so all this scanning will be worth it in the end!

Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 3

This is the second attempt of the animatic where I added more drawings to explain what was going on better and added colour. I attempted to colour the whole thing to try and make it easier to tell the characters apart but didn’t quite make it in time for the next crit.

The way it is just now it is still too confusing. I think the next step would be best to leave the storyboarding just now and make a plan of the layout. I am going to draw out a rough sketch of the whole landscape and place the characters in it and map out where they will go in the story baring in mind the 180 degree rule. Hopefully once that is done the storyboard will be easier to go back to.

I really love the look of the Disney Xerox era where the animators pencil lines were transferred directly onto cel to be coloured rather than cleaned up. I especially love it when their construction lines creep into frames in the film like in these screenshots below.

Another style that has influenced my decision to keep my more sketchy approach as oppose to flash for this project is the work of Niko Henrichon in the graphic novel “Pide of Baghdad” by Brian K. Vaughan. His artwork in this comic is stunning, I would love so much to see it animated.

I’ve taken to listening to Owl City while working on this project. There’s something so whimsical, fun and just cute about their music. Id love the music for my film to be like theirs! An acoustic score with vocals and synthpop during the credits would be really nice.

I’ve also been thinking about the sound effects for my film. I don’t want to limit Fruut’s sound effects to just pigeons, there are so many cute animal sounds out there that I think would work great in bringing him a voice, such as foxes and cheetahs.

Iv also been considering trying to do the noises for Fruut myself instead of recording the actual animal sounds, I thought this could work well in humanising him. When it comes to this sort of thing Frank Welker is the man! When your watching a cartoon with animal sounds in it, chances are its him doing them.

I’m really looking forward to Joanna Quinn’s workshops this week! 😀

Work Experience with National Film and Television School part 4

This week in work I have been compiling some of the final coloured shots in After Effects. Its good to learn how to edit frames in different software.

The director even had a look at my animatic I am working on for my grad film. He said that in storytelling you should generally have a twist ending. That you should trick the audience into thinking that the ending is not going to go the way it does. He gave the example of Romeo and Juliette, you think that they are both going to be together but at the end they both die. He thinks that the main character got the girl too easy in the end. I agree that you should surprise the audience but I don’t think that the main character got the girl too easy at all. He was beaten down at the start despite his efforts, he just had not met the right girl yet. He does not know this and gives up, until he meets the girl of his dreams at the end. I don’t think characters that are a little different or ugly have to do anything spectacular to get the girl, in my opinion that’s a horrible message. What’s wrong with being attracted to someone just for being the way they are?

He also had trouble differentiating between the males and females. I will definitely tackle this after the animatic is the best I can make it.

Work Experience with National Film and Television School part 3

Still working away on in-betweens for the NFTS film. I also started setting up scenes for the colour artists yesterday. The style of the colouring is exactly the look I am going for with this terms uni film, but a different technique in photoshop rather than flash. Its the same idea keeping the pencil lines on one layer and colouring on a separate layer, but in photoshop you can put the lines on the top layer and change the blending mode to multiply, as oppose to the lines being underneath a layer of colour with the opacity down in flash. I couldn’t believe how easy this was and how much better it looked than colouring over the lines in flash, which made the lines kind of still visible but really faint.

Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 2

With all the characters designed it was easier to jump into the storyboard. I showed my animatic at the crit last week and there are a few things I need to work on for this weeks crit.

1. It is too vague at the moment and needs more drawings explaining what is going on.

2. The joke with his chest expanding like a pigeons isn’t very clear and is easily missed, I should exaggerate it more and the sound effects would probably help as well.

3. There are a few scene transactions that are confusing.

4. There are so many characters that look the same to the viewers, I’m going to colour the animatic for next weeks crit too. I also have to try and make the female griffins look more female than the males.

Here is the first draft of the animatic.

Work Experience with National Film and Television School part 2

I think I’m getting more confident with the inbetweening, not bad for the second day! Adapting to the directors drawing style is not the only challenge I’m facing while working. His style of animation is really subtle and low paced. Inbetweening this kind of animation feels really different to me since I am used to doing quite cartoony animation in my own work. Its good practice to improve on my versatility. I am also doing some boiling of the lines on the holds, which is something that I should try in this terms uni project since the pencil lines will be seen under the flash colour, its a nice way to keep the character alive in still shots.