Work Experience with National Film and Television School part 4

This week in work I have been compiling some of the final coloured shots in After Effects. Its good to learn how to edit frames in different software.

The director even had a look at my animatic I am working on for my grad film. He said that in storytelling you should generally have a twist ending. That you should trick the audience into thinking that the ending is not going to go the way it does. He gave the example of Romeo and Juliette, you think that they are both going to be together but at the end they both die. He thinks that the main character got the girl too easy in the end. I agree that you should surprise the audience but I don’t think that the main character got the girl too easy at all. He was beaten down at the start despite his efforts, he just had not met the right girl yet. He does not know this and gives up, until he meets the girl of his dreams at the end. I don’t think characters that are a little different or ugly have to do anything spectacular to get the girl, in my opinion that’s a horrible message. What’s wrong with being attracted to someone just for being the way they are?

He also had trouble differentiating between the males and females. I will definitely tackle this after the animatic is the best I can make it.


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