Work Experience with National Film and Television School part 1

I was incredibly lucky to score an animation assistant job with the NFTS just after the holidays. I am helping one of their students with his graduation film until the end of February. Today was my first day and it was both really exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s great to get my foot in the door but this being my first taste of the real world in the industry I was really nervous about the quality of my work and adapting to a new style. I am working on inbetweening at the moment. Its quite a lot of hours per week but I think I made the right decision in taking the job especially if its only for the first month or so back at uni. l just have to work even harder on my uni project to keep up to speed with everything during this time.


Fruut the Ugly Griffin part 1

For my grad film I am telling the story of the creature I created last term. Fruut is a griffin but is part pigeon instead of the typical part eagle. He is bullied by the other griffins and just wants a girlfriend.

Below are all the characters that will appear in the animation as well as photos of the birds (and a wrestler) that inspired them.

Hi Brock Lesnar! Another inspiration behind Les.

Here is a group shot/size chart of all the characters.

I am really excited about this project. Next step storyboards!