Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 9

Philip Hunt from Studio AKA came in today to look at our projects. He told me to check out Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson because it also had an ‘ugly duckling’ type story, about a herbivore dinosaur egg that gets mixed up in the next of the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus Rex family. this is one of the book’s illustrations by David Roberts, I really like his style!

I liked the idea he had to have a narrator telling the story like reading from a children’s book, but I’m not much of an author, there’s a certain style to this kind of writing you need to get right to make it charming, so for now I think it’s best to stick to pantomime acting with a score.

He also came up with really good ideas for the story but the changes are so drastic it would mean starting from scratch and totally reworking the storyboard, unfortunately that’s not something I can afford to do this late on. But maybe an idea for a sequel!

Good news is I’ve finally started the animation! Happy Fruut! 😀



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