A Highly Educated Owl

Just a tribute to my favourite animated bird, Archimedes from Disney’s Sword in the Stone.

I love the sketches from the original production art so much!

I love the characters personality enough but the animation makes him even more likable, little things like the way he puffs up and shuffles/hops from side to side when he’s annoyed and clicks his beak is just so damn cute!


Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 11

My meeting with Ioli today was really helpful yet again. First I showed her the new walk cycle I did based on her advise. Its getting there but the head movement should happen with the contact of each front foot as oppose to after each stride. (And that tail! I struggle so much with tails! ><)

I then showed her the most recent animatic. We came up with a way to fix the problem in the reflection short when he goes from sad to disgust with himself and back to sad again. After he is kicked into the pond his first emotion should be annoyance, more often when people are physically bullied is to be at first annoyed and then sad after thinking about it. This way he will go through three emotions as oppose to one then another and then back to the previous one, this will definitely make the scene a lot stronger.

There are a couple of other things to think about like making the movement of the females very feminine because its only clear in close up shots that they are actually female. Fruut should also have a more shocked expression when his chest puffs up to show that he is doing this involuntarily.

I am meeting the first years Ellie and Callie on Monday to go over the project, looking forward to working with them both.

NFTS Screening

I was invited to the screening of the NFTS Animation Directing Graduate Films this morning. So much amazing and different styles! It was great to see something that I had worked on up on the big screen, so grateful to be a part of it! And congratulations to Yousif for his grad film, the finished thing was amazing!