Go Rock Festival 2014

Last month I started work on some promotional material to advertise for this years Go Rock Festival in Gourock.

I worked with my CSM classmate Maxim Northover on the animated promo.

Check out Max’s work here:


We liked the idea of doing an 80s style rock version of the previous film we worked on together “Parties” and thought this project would be perfect for that. After brainstorming some ideas and agreeing that a mix of 2D and stop motion animation would be fun we decided to revive one of the characters and focused on the wolf.

Alan Barr did the music for the promo, you can check out his stuff here:


When designing the character I had a few rock bands I love in mind such as The Scorpions and Skid Row. Thus Skid was born.

Go-Rock Wolf Colour

It was then time to get him into an epic 80s shredding pose and onto a poster for the festival. The Background is a simplified view of Dunoon from Gourock, I tried to capture what the town looks like at night.

Go Rock Poster

When it came to the animation I wanted it to look as 80s as possible, so I decide to animate my segments of Skid in bright green 80s neon lights using Adobe Flash.


Overall I think my flash animation, Max’s stop motion animation and Alan’s music worked really well together and I really love how the promo turned out.



Manipulate Festival: Animation in Scotland

In February I went to the Animation in Scotland event as part of the annual Manipulate Festival in Edinburgh. This year was hosted by Joanna Quinn, it was great to meet her again and thank her for the great workshop she ran at Central Saint Martins last year.


There was lots of cool animations from Edinburgh Collage of Art being shown and I finally got to see “Making of Longbird” by Will Anderson “I am Tom Moody” by  Ainslie Henderson.

Will Becher was also there giving a talk about his experiences from graduation to working with Aardman. He also brought his models of Gromit and the characters from his films “Boxed In” and “The Weatherman”.

20140208_142522 20140208_152613

Axis Animation and Red Kite were also giving talks and there to answer questions about their studios and the challenges of starting a career in animation in Scotland.

Its was a really interesting and informative day and I will definitely go again next year.