Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 18

I wanted to do something a little more interesting for the credits than just scrolling text on a black screen for this project. There are a lot of films that have really creative end credits like the Kung Fu Panda movies, Legend of the Guardians and Bolt. But my absolute favorite end credits to any film will always be the ones after The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Sketches by Alan Lee are set to the song “Into the West” by Annie Lennox, there’s something so powerful about these two things together that gets me every time!

Here is one of the credit title cards I’ve been working on.

Credits1 copy


Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 16

I finally have a rough cut put together of all my work in frogress so far. Its nice to see it on screen and not just on stacks of paper!

The next steps is to finish some of the animation off, some walk cycles etc. I’m also learning a brand new programme to composit the final film in, Darryl has kindly offered to help me go over the process of this in TV Paint. I’m really excited to use the scan cleaner feature to get rid of the paper around the drawings much quicker than manually erasing it frame by frame in photoshop which was what I was going to have to do until I found out about this beautiful software! And the final result of this is much better looking too, resembling the old xerox method. Here is a screenshot to see how it looks.

Kristi Scan Clean Test

Once this is all composited I can colour the whole thing in a new layer underneath.

Fruut the Ugly Griffin Part 14

Here is a layout of a scene I’m working on just now. I decided to animate the three bullies as the same time on this shot as they’r all interacting with Fruut at the same time. Its a challenging one!


The Griffins have turned out bigger than I was expecting, they’r huge against poor Fruut! I guess it makes sense since eagles are much larger than pigeons and it makes the bullies more intimidating. The only problem is I’ve already animated Fumaa’s keyes and in the scenes shes interacting with Fruut shes not much bigger or the same size, only in the end shot when they’re flying I’ve made her wings a lot bigger. I can sense problems coming up when compositing and i’m not looking forward to them.

Anyway not to get down, here is a nice happy layout of Fruut and Fumaa together. 🙂